I Do

I reached out once
and touched a friend
with just a loving glance
and he invited me to dance
forevermore within his arms
Oh, the charm of love in motion

Looking deep
into his loving soul
my heart just skipped a beat
now ever does this joy repeat itself
for he and I are meant to be
He is my destiny
Oh, precious fate is calling now

We touched
and other worlds opened out
existing in the purity of future calling
echoing this love we share
so exquisitely
that angels gather all about
He is my soul's eternity
Oh, the grace of love made real

We speak
and understanding blossoms
arising from deep feelings at the core
With every word I love him more
He is my heart
come home again at last
Oh, this beat, so sweet and satisfying

We love, oh love divine
so brilliantly he shines within my life
as particles of flesh become
endless hues reflecting love
as we stand together
now and evermore

Oh, my love, I love you so
and I need for you to know
that this is true
this endless, everlasting feel
that very simply says to you
I do . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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