If Not Us, Then Who . . . ?

I speak the words of revolution
flowing through this evolution
as intellect gives way
to all we feel

and here within this union
of the heart and mind and soul
I come to know so many
spirits lost in time
who applaud the coming whole
of their expression

If not us, then who . . . ?
will finally break the chains that bind
the heart and soul
within the mind's seclusion

Who will speak of the delusions
of this sick society
that we all give our power to?

Who will break down the walls
of power's imprisonment
and the political dishonesty
that seeks no more than just
the power to control and to manipulate
the greed that's never satisfied
by theirs or yours or mine

Who will step beyond the fear
they use to keep us all in line
fear based on less for us
and more for them?

If not us, then who . . . ?
will make this world a better place
for the children we have borne
in hope and love and charity
through pain and grief and sorrow
to this utter clarity of soul unfolding

If not us, then who
will live this love . . . ?
that e'en eternity has come to seek
within these human hearts
If not us, then who . . . ?


Summer 1999
Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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