Illusive Bridge

A bridge of love across the miles
that separate me from your smile
then why this pain that won't let go
and why the loneliness that shows

the distance of our separation
the sorrow in each exhalation
that builds as time goes on
for the bridge we built upon

fades into the mists when we
deny the possibility
of change that needs to be made real
and no matter what we say, we feel

the stress and strain
an endless aching pain
that cannot be released
as long as inner peace

is compromised
or reality denied
for no matter how we reach across the miles
I need to wake and see your smile

I need to look into your eyes
alight with hues of morning skies
I need to laugh and see how you respond
I need to know the love beyond

this longing unfulfilled
as this frustration builds
dissolving all that we hold dear
I need to feel you drawing near

within the night
eyes shining bright
with love


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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