Imagined Land

Avalon, imagined land
of every heart's renewal
where deep within the mists
spirits bright reach out to kiss
the world's tears away

and there a man in glory revels
at first to play the role of stag
as the Beltane fires
shine round the world
and too, within his heart
for spring is born in mortal form
yet once again

and the priestess
decked in veils and vital oils
emits the scent
of roses that in June ascend
as she unveils
before his majesty of form

Virgin, in the truest sense
offering her all to bless
the future lying there
in dreams of misty form
upon the ever-living shores
of Avalon

Yet a sacred fear arises
that this god and goddess must surpass
if the fecundity of earth
would last through yet another
growing season
but in their touch
and more, within this vast reality
of their sensation
pure ecstasy will overcome
e'en this

while before this night
becomes the dawn
of every new tomorrow
just one seed implanted
within this night of fiery reveling
can become the saving grace
of all that is . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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