these moods that come and go
electrifying for a moment
then slowing, sullen, blue
a rush and then a push
like a song that plays into its end
when silence descends once again

but there are times
beyond all time it seems
when I float as if
a living dream
is really all there is to be
forming and reforming
every mood of my reality

The best of times I spend alone
and dream these dreams
of fantasy in magic playing
dancing through the skies
and touching down
just here and there
wherever fancy leads

and in my dreams
conceived within desire
an other sometimes moves with me
unafraid to follow love
wherever it may lead

and so it seems
this inconsistency agrees with me
as I live and breathe beyond
the many fears society
would have me base my life upon

and so I wander while in flight
only to find
that I would rather fly
through all these skies
of inconsistency
alone and unencumbered
yet somehow all in unity
seeking to be all I am
in form. . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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