Infinite Embrace

You've come to me
so often in the past
in dreams that seem
too real to be imagined

Intimate, these dreams
we dream together

Did you think
I would not know
that it was you . . . ?
Lucid, now, a recognition
of the truth

but daylight always comes
and with it mental facets
seeking to divide this light
that shines both day and night
to bring a mind to unity
with heart and soul and flesh

for all of life will intermesh
beyond our want or wish or will
and the time has come
to still the other voices breaking in
encroaching with their blind belief
in only, lonely separation

Yet I know you hear the incantation
pouring forth from netherworlds
for your words and your emotion
tell me so

for you and I
we know these stars
are intimately ours
shining now and then reflected
within this everworld of our touch

Real, the feel
of phantom bodies
that move in rhythm
with the tides of life
enfolded and unfolding
in each eye that dares to see
that feelings of pure ecstasy

are born of mattered form
that learns to fly
through endless skies
of our intimate
and infinite embrace . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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