Infinite Rebirth

There, at the side of the road, I discovered
a path little used on this earth
I broke from the crowd where I felt naught but smothered
and discovered the road to rebirth

There in the wild, the growth was untamed
animal, human, distinction unmade
Life in purest form remained
The eldest with the children played

I stopped to rest, for just a day
and became a part of the interplay
then traveled on to see what I might see
upon this road of creativity

and there, at the side of the path, I spied
a wilderness unclaimed
yet patterns of chaotic growth implied
potential in the wild, never tamed

where moisture rested on the leaves so green
reflecting sunlight in the gleam
of myriad colors being born
within each dewdrops' form

the sounds of life became a symphony
for within the savage lay a harmony
of life and light and joy unfolding
within the patterns deftly holding

the shape of every new tomorrow
in light's images of afterglow
symbolic patterns waiting to be born
into this world of mortal form

and I, a magnet drawing near
a misty vision coming clear
as mind and matter of the earth
create an infinite rebirth

in wonder and in fascination
of realms beyond imagination
just off the road that most will follow
lies the source of every new tomorrow

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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