Infinity of Time

When was it we were taught
it is a luxury to feel
emotions that would fill
our hearts with love?

Was it there
within the zeal of childhood days?
when in innocence we dreamt
of all that love has meant
throughout the ages

or there
within the hormones raging
as we were taught no more
than life's a stage
to play your part upon

or there
within the silent mood
and awe that deity imbues
when passion was described
as no more than pain
and death by crucifixion

or once again
when passion minus love
was spent within the room
where parents played
their part upon the stage
of someone else's dream
while imagination's schemes
would slowly die
within the lies of their embrace

or then once more
as we opened every door
to the dry and endless world
there within the tomes
of unfeeling history
as if to be could mean
the power in endless glory
minus heart

and tell me now
that we have seen beyond
the fear that would control
each heart and soul
and felt and touched and known
the awesome beauty of the dreams
that only love creates

how is it we excuse these dreams away?
within the endless days of habits' form
when this love might be reborn eternally
and these dreams brought to reality
right here in the infinity of time


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All rights reserved
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