In Its Arms

Ideals, the first feeling of pure inspiration
and thus the start of every new creation
that carries us beyond,
to realms where all our dreams are spun;
yet still, there is this clause
for meaning simply cannot be
without the actions that set free
this love that needs and simply must
encompass all reality.

Too much, too much
has love lived through
to now give in
to any compromise at all
and so I choose again
to take the fall;
for my life and my existence
are truly meant to be,
for reasons that took
oh, so many years to comprhend.

And I refuse to end my life
for the sake of any strife
that was never based on love at all -
this love of truth
that rises now above,
to change what was below,
hidden in the blind beliefs
that seem to rule humanity.

For love takes me in its arms
right now, and even then
and stays with me
for all eternity
yet now it simply
isn't you at all. . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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