In Jeopardy

Hours of endless waiting
turning into days
and weeks
and months

Years of mere survival
hanging in the balance
Has the time really come
to make the shift
from survival to evolution?

The balance is in jeopardy
each movement must be made
in swiftness yet without a doubt
and intuition seems to be the key

for it brings a sense of harmony
into chaotic strife
when nothing seems just right
and change is blowing
on the winds of time

unending irritation
now the moon is on the rise
and spirit seeks to fly
to her embrace

but what is time and space
without a soul?
and so my goal, you see
must always be
to reach and touch the whole

but more than this
for my feet must be
firmly anchored on this earth
that gave me birth
centered in this form, this I
even as my mind and spirit fly
to heaven's heights


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All rights reserved
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