In Me

I await thee
and the roses that you've brought to me
opening unto their core of gold
reminding me of sands once seen
upon the shores that now are named
the nomad of a California dream

Yet nomad I have been
through lifetimes of discovery
seeking, ever seeking for a home
where I might rest this weary heart
just knowing this reality must be
more than love of one alone
can ever seem to be

But this waiting comes so hard
to a soul, this soul of mine
that has waited through
the eons of mere time
even now, when time has been
transcended by this soul of time

and now, just when at last I thought
I might fly free, this distance
seems to deem itself of more importance
for you seem to seek some angel
beyond mere mortal form
to bring this ecstasy that only
form and flesh bring into being

and I know not what to do
to see you through
the many plights that you
have taken as your own
because you see, I know
beyond the measure of a doubt
just where you are
yet too, I know
the shining star you must become
to be yourself within totality

and knowing this, I seem to feel
too often the descent of misery
that others would impose
upon the depth of your
sincerity of heart

and so I wait
at times in seeming reticence
for the truth of who you are
to become the essence of ascent
descending to reality in me . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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