Inner Connections

How does one keep their balance
when living in between
a nightmare
and the sweetest dream of all?

I see the world
and in it all at once
the worst and best
that life can offer
the harmony of love, but too
the clash of every opposite
that so often leads to war

There is giving and receiving
There are flows that give off light
but the secrets of deceiving
ever live just out of sight
within a mystery
of fear left unexposed

I search for every source and cause
that motivates these states of being
and oft' get lost in lands unknown
yet always in the coming home I find
a peace of heart and mind
even more complete
than any other time before

and even when it seems I leave
its warmth and safety far behind
some deeper part of me
accepting all my errant,
(sometimes brilliantly obscure)
deviations from the norm
assures me that the love
and sustenance of family
await me here, at home
even though it seems
I live alone these days

and suddenly I realize
that even when I stray
this safety of their love so sure
will always light the way
that brings me home
for this family of mine resides
right here within my heart
and home becomes the world wide
even as the power
of ever greater tides of life
seem to sweep me far away


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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