In Praise of Things

Lovers stroll along the shore
toes just touching gently lapping waves
collecting shells on just a whim
that move from oceanic depths
into this air of overwhelming unity
as sun and sea become the winds
that sing in subtle harmonies

Angels come alive to praise
the glory of a summer's day
as feather-light they dance upon a breeze
of forever blue tinged with the light of lights
and grace descends as love is reaching
pouring out from hearts of pure white doves
who fly this fantasy of skies unfolding
for now his hand is softly holding hers

while the earth can be heard to rejoice
for in reaching for this sense of flight
and the freedom of a chance
this paradise becomes creation
and the wind her lilting laugh
that echoes on the summer breeze
now come to ease all care away

for one plus one plus one
adding on into infinity
becomes a family that never ends
joined in love that co-creates
the all and every little thing that is
and earth would have it so
this love that makes the angels glow
in praise and adoration of all things . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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