In Relation

Silence first
as if just before a storm
with stillness all around
then the leaves of trees
are suddenly set dancing
by a strong and vagrant wind
that blows up suddenly

A shock, as summer's heat is broken
first raindrops fall as lightning flares
dust rising from the ground
then once again absorbed into a stream
and the earth will thus relieve
sorrow in her tears so healing

Thunder then will sound
in a roar of godlike bearing
while a rush of rain pours down
as cool and sweet, the earth absorbs
and reconstructs its sky

In such emotion thus expressed
the world of man is blessed
by blossoms so enticing
that their scent is heaven bent
rising with the breeze
just as the clouds relieve their density

before they fade and fly away
gathering the moisture
to begin yet once again
this vast expression
(Is it guile or is it innocence?)
as the earth itself arouses passion
that is mightier than man alone
could ever hope to be

Will we ever clearly see?
the wisdom that she lives
inherent in each particle
of living clarity
composing life and limb
and innocence found in our sense
of scent and touch and tone

Can the mind of man evolve
to a point that can conceive
of its relation to entirety
or even a theme of relativity
that might encompass all. . . ?


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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