Intensity of Need

Dis-ease can come
in an intensity of need
even as a body pleads
for its release
from bonds of primacy

at times it lingers there
unwilling yet to share
the pain it feels
and the pain is all too real

yet it has its purpose too
for it leads us right back to
our very self
as in solitude
we cry ourself to sleep

yet as we sleep, we dream
of extraordinary things
in visions brought to life
within the night

and sooner or later we wake
to realize just what's at stake
in these waking dreams
we call reality

for life lives beyond the sanity
of cultured inhibition
at times in wild intuition
that leads us far from home

but always in the end
we settle down
and try to understand what's found
along the road to this insanity

and at times one must confess
a certain vacancy remains
yet soul will not be tamed
so still we travel on a whim

into the howling winds
to try to find
a sense of essence left behind
in days gone by

and illness fades
as this intensity of need
is finally freed
to be itself


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All rights reserved
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