In the Distant Unknown

Would it really be better
if we were together right now?
I wonder if our souls somehow
planned this separation
for by means of incubation
we are getting past the worst
of all that hurts

while preserving loving moments
in the flesh
and thus allowing love to intermesh
more deeply as we delve into
the patterns that we knew
in past relationships
that didn't work

I ponder in this distance
the play of our existence
and the flow of all we feel
as if the time and space we see as real
did not exist
for I feel your every high and low
and you feel mine

even though great distance separates
the forms we know as flesh
yet we interpenetrate
beyond all time or measured space

and I feel your love within the grace
of invisible connections
unmeasured and unmeasurable
intense and unforgettable
yet more real than hand upon this pen
that moves across this page and ends
illusions unexpressable
to bring emotion once invisible
to light of mind

and I know somehow we'll find
a way to stand together side by side
even when the mountains high
stand in our way

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All rights reserved
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