Intimate Infinity

Inconsistent, cryptic messages
uttered in discordance
speak of the varied facets
of all spirit in transition
as it reveals itself to mind
in matter's form

yet we teeter and then totter
so consistently
moving back and forth
and up and down
searching for a moment
of complete and utter balance
as the world moves round and round
and we see the up and down
and left and right

just one moment of completion
when this wave is at its peak
and we its point
and too, the power of its undertow
poised before its motion crashes
down into the shore

when the utterance of sound arises
changing everything
by the rate of its vibration
moving into empty spaces
between the endless flows
of this ocean of existence
as it dances into life

pinpointing hidden beauty
expanded into awe
as we wonder into innocence
so sweet and so complete
that every care is swept away
upon these tides of stationary waves

awakening the sense and feel
the scent, the tint, the hue
of every particle of being
and within this intimate infinity
a tapestry is woven
as song rings out, life's symphony
and at last we learn to sing
in harmony with all that is


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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