Into Eternity

 Sense of Touch
 This Heaven
 It's the Love
 Become Real
 Ever Reaching Out
Sketching Forever
 Sweet Infinity
 Innocence of Eyes
 Alchemical Transitions
 So Simply Then
 Into Tomorrow
 Angel Blue
 Fire Burns
 The Dance Goes On
 Each Cell
 The Tone of Love
 Into Eternity
 Begins With Us
 So Peacefully
 One Touch
 Sinking Heights
A Thousand Times
 The Color Blue
 This Free
 We Move Infinity
 Never End
 Dark on Dark
 Sense of Heaven
 Ever Angel
Through All Form
 Sudden Separation
 In Unity
 And Then a Touch
 Healing Trend
 Time to Dance
 Unending Reach
 Flowers Spring
 Diving Deep
 Gold and Silver
 Ultimate Delight
 Somewhere In Between
 Ultimate Paradox
 And Into Us
 My Heaven
 Flight Divine
 To Ash
 Never Ending Melody
 Autumnal Change
 Love Is
 Wedding Vows
 Where Angels Roam
 Dawn Becoming
 A Moment's Fullness
 Oh, Love
 Love Reaches Out
 Magic Carpet Ride
 Life in Love
 Slipped Away
 You and I
 Through Eternity
 Oh Ecstasy!
 To Evermore
This Love Divine
Majesty of Magic
 Endless Symbols
 Song of You
 Sense of Distance
 Butterflies and Angels
 Of the Way
 Touch of Eternity
 To Be
 In Ecstasy
 Our Expansion
Beyond All Highs
 Altered Distance
 Deep Into Eternity
 Textured In
 Artistically Enhanced
 Magic Movement
 Loving You
 Lightly Touching
 Oh, Mercury
 Only This
 Shadow Dance
 Heart, Oh Heart
 Taking It Back To Love
 To Heal the Heart
 Ever Opening
 With the Angels
 Standing Strong
 Primal Beat
 Love's Initiation
 Touch of Quality
 Of Reflection
 All of Sensation
 Vow To Be
 Ecstatic Bliss
 Suspended in the Silence
 Only Him
 Just Love
 To Stand As One
 Of Everything
 Your Voice
 Seeming Distance
 Love Is Real
 In Praise and Glory
 This Touch
 Such a Sweet Desire
 Residual Power
 Tone of One
 Heaven Bound
 Of Evermore
 New Age
 The Spirit of Love
 Ride the Waves
 Lighting Up the Sky
 Dance of Love
 On Into Infinity
 Love's Blessedness
 Dream of Dreams
 Love's Insanity
 Chosen One
 A Friend
 Of Us All
 Dreams of Lullabies
 Living Evolution
 Will of Love
 Silent Direction
 Rebirth of Flesh
 Unseen Energies
 Out of Time
 Grace and Gratitude
 How Poignant
 To Simply Live Again
 To Smile Awake
 Seeming Innocence
 Love's Tomorrow
 Melt Into
 Where Love Abides
 Fields of Ecstasy
 Into Reality
 What Can Love Be?
 Magic's Incantation
 Feel of Love
 Just One
 Hope to Be
 Falling Free
 Living Love
 Meant To Be
One Action
 You Are Here
 Between Extremities
 Infinite Spin
 Rhythm of Her Love
 Synergy of Love
 To Succumb
 Flesh and Form
 And So It Comes To Be
 Starlight Singing
  Made Real
 In the Deep of Night
 No Time
 Opening Out

 Take Me Home...
Copyright© 2002, Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved