Into Reality

Rise up, rise up
for angels ring the scheme
of all our being into life
to rise beyond the strife
of habit's schemes

as we find ourselves meandering
through labyrinthine depths
that rise to heights yet unadorned
into the purity of color's forms
and every new tomorrow

for this feel of flesh must now reveal
every secret once concealed or contained
and thus the truth remains composed
in this and only this - one love
that rises up above mundanity

Sweet, complete desire unfolding
encompassing exhilarating touch
that seeks to speak of all reality
in crescendos reaching from the depths
to the height of immortality

as angels sing the scheme
of vast vibrations ringing in our ears
back into cells the soul must now become
while all we knew becomes undone
creating room for love's divinity

Sublime, this ecstasy of harmony
rising up and falling down
into reality . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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