Into the Light of Day

When will we get back to love?
the balance that might rise above
all rage and pain and sorrow

Will we wait for another tomorrow
that never will arrive . . . ?
as day by day, we die inside
for lack of this deep sharing

while we play the roles prescribed
by uncaring cultural alibis
and waste away the moments of our lives
by patterns early-on implanted
in the matrix of a mind
that seeks the truth
by a system that has never heard
the heart

Will we just throw away
our hearts, our lives, our youths?
or will we finally open up and say
what's really in our hearts
and on our minds
to bring this pain in to the light of day
where shadows merely play
illusions' games

for hell exists
within the twists and turns
of tortured souls
lonely and forlorn
in the pain of unexpression
of the words that need
to now be born to time

They speak of sunshine
bright tomorrows
yet within their words
lies sorrow unredeemed
by their expression

They speak of peace
but there beneath their pose
lies rage left unexposed
and thus unaltered
through the passages of generations
come before and yet to come again

and we place our children on the altar
as another sacrifice
to what our culture deems
as right and wrong
instead of flowing in the stream
of words and feelings that would ring

with all the truth unspoken
as we wait within our dark seclusion
for someone else to say
what heart and soul long
to express right now

still seeking swift release
to somehow satisfy
the tears uncried
the pain denied
that anger that might finally bring
the awe of spirit bright
into the light of day . . .


Summer 1999
Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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