Into the Mirror

I look into the mirror
yet somehow I can't see myself
for all that's in my eyes
is this vast sense of pain and misery
that never had its source in me
and never can be healed
by only one alone

and the light that danced
so full, so strong
so delightfully within my eyes
seems dimmed right now
while circles of pain
in darkness grow
beneath my waking eyes

that long for skies and heights
and airy freedom just to be
the love of all eternity
that this, my soul
has come to bring to being

and so I reach yet once again
for that realm where angels dwell
as with all my might I call
for their support
in this, the great adventure
of true love that sings
and streams into infinity

hoping beyond hope
that they deem to bring this love
this grace, this blessing
once again back home
to me

for this is all
I've ever wished to be
at one within this stream
of love's infinity . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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