Is It Any Wonder?

So many say they love
in the throes of passion
need, desire
but then as dawn awakens
they quickly dress and take
some other path
where love is not allowed
and flesh again deflated
as they close their heart again
not finding time or space
for its inclusion

Is it any wonder then
when passion ends?

Or else they open their soul
to moments of pure grace
but only once a week or so
on Sunday morning
when their soul in all its glory
simply yearns to be
a part of their reality
then they chase the feel of grace away
as they close again, to even this
the feel of spirit's bliss

Is it any wonder then
when soul ascends
to a place they cannot reach?

They seek to be whole
while denying heart and soul
as they live their lives
moment by moment
with a heart that is closed
and a soul they don't know
then wonder where
the meaning went
and where the pain comes from

even as they run away
from what could be


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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