alone within a shell
by an endless living hell

as if a soul could ever truly be
alone within the vastness of eternity
but somehow we're convinced
in days of innocence

that separation must entail
enclosing walls that none may scale
for who could love us if they knew
the inner truth, the altered view

of all we feel and think and know
of opposition as we grow
apart from all the rest
Who dares to put it to the test...?

of intimate and close relation
such a foolish inclination
to think another might accept
the mystery, the core, the depth

of who we are
the innocence and scars
of never-ending, changing form
forever being born

as minute by minute, we join and we merge
and moment by moment, give in to the urge
to explore the possibilities
of all that life can mean

So we live a life of isolation
imprisoned in the separation
that only mind can see
when in truth a unity

lies at the core of all
and ever does our spirit call
attention to perspectives we must see
to glimpse the whole of what it means to be

that even in our difference, we're the same
and never will another ever tame
the ever-growing impetus inside
that ebbs and flows within the tide

of life

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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