Is This Love...?

 1. This Journey
3.With Her
4.A Destiny
5. What Would It Matter?
6. The Chosen One
High Paradox
 How Is It?
 Sorrow's Sigh
 Painful Truth
 Ecstasy's Reality
 As the Mirror Shattered
 You Never Knew
 Haunted Memories
 His or Hers?
 The Motion in Between
 Even Further
 Point of Honor
 Another Holiday
 A Loving Touch
 Pain Blossoms
 Future Born
 Too Serious
 Sheer Loneliness
 What Does It Mean?
In Mortal Form
 Your Other World
 Dream of Me
 Wonder of the Why
 Invisible Vibrations
 Of Touch
 Within Me
 Final Kiss
 So Far Away
 Beneath the Topping
 You Know Me
Too Late
Unto Another
 Of Memories
 Missing You
This Dream
 Spirit's Scheme
 Portrayal of Tone
 Night Undone
 Take My Hand
 As Time Denies
 I Wonder
 Eternal Verity
 My Stallion
 To Keep Her There
 Times Past
 Known As True
 Never Meant To Be
 Open Approach
 Tree of Life
 To Say Good-Bye
 Living Warmth
 Freedom and Loss
 Magic Potion
 Instead of You
 Vagrant Tears
 Then You Went Away
 In Denial
 Once Free
 From Your Heart
 The Other Side of Hell
 Is It Any Wonder?
 Sheer Velocity
 The Volume of Your Silence
 Future's Hold
 Within the Dream
 Nowhere At All
 When Love Was Sweet
 Love Is There
Bridge of Light
 Love That's Real
 Morning's Sigh
 Take a Chance
 All That Matters
 My Mistakes
 Afterglow of Day
 Forever Love
 Wild and Free
Distant Hearts
 Dreams Becoming
Made Real
The Stuff of Life
I Open to You
 Drawing Near
 Taking Flight
Never Too Soon
Not Allowed
Beyond My Reach
I Cry Too
 How Can It Matter...?
 Just One Moment
 If I Give
 Beyond the Past
 Vast Confusion
 How Does It Beat?
 A Tear's Escape
 Breaking Point
 Away From Me
 Your Silence
 Stepping Back
 Mere Lust
 Dimmer Switch
 Roller Coaster Ride
 Lack of Trust
 Too Concentrated
 The Point of Letting Go
 Unity of Form
 Your Silence
 Spirit Sighs
 To Pass Away
 Of Love
 Silent Vigil
 What Could Have Been
Letting Go of Yesterday
Soul Seeking
 The Step That Matters
 So Soft
 A Touch of Heart
Star Soul
One Step Taken
Gentle Mist
 Alone Again
Loss of Love
The Other Side of Pain
 Inspiration's Seed
 How To Fly
 Loving Arms
 What Better Way?
 Light Calling
You Left
To Choose Love
Into Your Eyes
 Just Fly Away
 Walk With Me
So Far Away
 At Times
I Am There
Love Is Real
  Chill of Winter
  Red Roses

 Take Me Home...
Copyright© 2002, Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved