It Is Time

It is time
and yet beyond all time
for them to find each other
and thus enhance
their hearts and souls
for it takes two - expanding out
to reach, to touch, to hold
to  make these dreams come true

The yin and yang in motion
forming complementary waves of opposition
that need no longer rage within existence
but only need to flow, just flow
between, betwixt, and through
the many forms we label me and you
and stream into eternity again

For the truth remains just this
whatever we put out there
is returned and multiplied
and love is the one and only
true emotion

It is time
and love remains beyond all time
within imagination's endless realm
where we simply seek an other
that would travel here with us
when love becomes the greatest trust
that any soul can e'er foresee

We are created out of seeming nothingness
and taught that nothingness lies at the end
yet once we learn to see beyond
these veils of illusionary fear
just one step will take us there

A word, a phrase, a smile, a hug
you never know what may beguile
but one open, ardent look of love
is what we need
to bring the everything we seek
into reality

for it is time
and yet beyond all time
this love . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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