Its Arrival

I do not seek a god beyond this flesh
but instead I seek to intermesh
soul and body, heart and mind
and find a deity within
ungendered, as the source
of all creation

Yet still my heart cries out
within the loneliness of one
hoping that I find an other
separate yet at one
that would walk with me
upon this path unending

To hold my hand at times
and boost me when the climb
becomes too steep
To hold me as I weep
these many tears to heal the pain
of life's endurance

To enclose me in the warmth
of love's embrace
e'en in the cold of winter's storms
as our spirit-light is ever born
and changed within the motion
of our making

Yet it seems for now
I must make do
with the warmth of dreams
that might come true
in some landscape of tomorrow
and patiently await
the space and hour
in that one eternal moment
of the dawn of its arrival


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All rights reserved
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