Royal Jester
Laughing, playing, crying clown
there to bring the whole house down
in increments and peals of laughter.
My dear, sad clown, what are you after?

Mirror to emotions found
in otherís depths, yet all around
your mirror acts as gilded shield
that you, as clown, will never yield

to pain that makes personaís guise.
Is this denial really wise?
Or will you one day really falter
and fall apart before the altar

of sacred image veiled within
the mask of clown with whitened skin...
Pale, frightened, pain-filled clown
who cries no tears for fear heíll drown,

how do you play, at night, alone
when audience has all gone home
and no oneís there for you to cheer;
do you merely disappear...?

Have you ever gone inside
your feelings, vast expanse so wide?
They overwhelm the strongest men
but through the worst, they laugh again...

Little clown, can you behold
the love behind the laughter bold...?
the heart-felt, pure sincerity
that lies behind the laughing spree

love of you, your essence, being
beyond the masks and constant fleeing;
love enough that you might share
the joy of life, as laughter flares.

My precious clown, come near to me
that I might tell how dear to me
are feelings brought up by your charm
that swirl and circle, to disarm

the inner fortress, highest walls
and gently drift through inner halls.
Such is the magic of jesterís charm;
why must you run from loving arms...?

Laughing, playing, crying clown
here to bring the whole house down
with light and love and peals of laughter.
My dear, sweet clown, what are you after...?

? Michaelette ?

Copywrite© 1998 Michaelette L. Romano
All rights reserved
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