Jeweled Center

Facets of a jewel
light breaking into
multi-colored hues
of myriad rays
that simply shine
and find joy in the shining itself

and if by chance
they bring to light
a shadow's darkness on the way
this too, they just flow through
and keep on shining
but now within a deeper hue
of color

while the center of this jewel
attracts consistently
the greater rays
of sun that streams
seeking nothing more
than to become
the hues of color
that this jeweled crystal
passes on

And we, within the prism
of a higher consciousness
can become one
with just one beam of light
yet better still
when we find a way
to become the center
of our jewel
and allow all light
to just pass through
the crystal of our heart

creating flows of loving light
that seek to heal
the damage done
by beams that shine too bright
to be consumed . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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