Just a Dream

The world, the stars, the galaxies
all shine within your heart
Is it really time to start
to love again . . . ?

Even now, just when
another dream has fallen all apart
and yet my heart will not be tamed
while those dreams of wealth and fame
that others seek will never do at all

because what I really need and want is you
to listen to as night enfolds our world
and stars begin to spread their magic dust
while dewdrops gather into mist
to kiss our tears away

Do you know how much
I long for your embrace
or the feel of grace that comes
each time I hear from you?

Can you imagine this . . . ?
just one eternal kiss
that lives and breathes
yet reaches down
to touch the ground
of all reality

and touching down
the endless bliss
of limbs entangled
with motion all around
even as this flesh
is finally revealed

for all that's real begins
with just a dream
now coming true . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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