Just Beneath the Threshold

Dark the night, as thundering drums
beat rhythm dark and deep
and spirits call within the gusts of wind
while there inside, the tides will rise
willing us to move
and then we dance because we must
in wild abandonment around the fire
for movement is what life is all about

No reason and no rhyme
but moving on the offbeat
of a chant that sings itself to life
making us impervious to reason
for the flesh has taken charge
and takes command of all the many things
beyond all thought of what the morrow
might or might not bring

and the body takes control
this flesh, the most exquisite
vehicle of consciousness
divine in its conception
while in its movement
becoming nothing more
than a door forever opening out
into true being

in rhythm beating out a trance
that leaves all mind behind
as flesh and feeling now become
the dominant of powers speaking
for this primal beat is mesmerizing
bringing us beyond the edge
of the horrors of the compromises
that we choose to live

and mystic power rises to the fore
as what is deepest reaches out
permeating every cell
with primal power
that now demands
we let loose all control
and allow the touch of flesh on flesh

to lead us to a unity
that mind just simply can't conceive
and now our hearts are beating frantically
we pant instead of breathe
gasping, grasping for another breath
of pure, sweet air

Dark the night, as thundering drums
beat rhythm dark and deep
into the secrets that we always keep
hiding just beneath
the threshold of awareness . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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