Just Love

I came upon a fork
upon the path that I tread on
but left or right?
which path was it
that I should come to choose?

The one fork trodden by the many
the other tread by only just a few
yet something in me knew
that I must go another way
than any path that any man
had walked upon before

and so I chose a steeper route
that leads me up and down
and in and out
weaving every step I take
into the fabric of no time at all
but only into being

for these multi-colored threads
are mine to weave
into the fabric of eternity
and the form I choose this time
is just a star
pure light within
the darkness of a void
that ever builds in its reflection
dazzling in its affect
yet glowing softly o'er and in
each atmosphere's effect

untouching and untouchable
for fear of an explosion
that might wound a host of innocents
or was it that the wound
in its integrity
would then become their own . . . ?

and so the two become as one
the offense and the defense
in every battle strategy
even when they're miles apart
and seeming separated
within the light or deepest dark
when suddenly another whole appears
out of the stratosphere

to speak the word
that cancels out the fear
just love


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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