Just One More Step

Who is it that stands so alone?
within this ebony tower of night
facing toward the window
while staring mindlessly
as the stars and galaxies
put on their show

Robed in flowing velvet
black to match the mood of night
drifting in the breeze that flows
through these illusionary walls
when suddenly a silvery light
dawns new within the sky
to waken her as if from sleep
and bid her move
to live the dream again

She turns
as if a whispered voice
were speaking silently
and there, where only she can see
a golden orb approaches
glowing so invitingly
it takes her breath away

Without form and yet
somehow this sphere
beckons her to move
closer, just another step
toward its center's source
to touch, to feel, to be
at once herself, yet too
more than e'er she knew
that she could be

One touch
and lightning seems to strike
within her soul and mind
as dizzy heights unwind
expanding out and then recoiling
Is this explosive light awakening
or does it signal her destruction?
Is it god or demon
that demands this toll from her?

and with this thought
her steps withdraw
as she seeks a balanced poise
in which to ponder, steadily
the meaning of the mystery
of just this one encounter

but somehow this one touch has joined
soul to soul and mind to mind
as if melded now, or intertwined
and in this realization
her heart just skips a beat
as her last fortress of retreat
just disappears

but past this fear, in feelings pouring
he feeds her soul with living light
and when it seems she is about
to burst into pure flame
two hands reach out
to push the hooded velvet
from her head
and touch her cheek
and lovingly caress her hair
so that, without a face
this vision fair
has won her heart

while she just smiles
a smile that will last
eternally . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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