Just One Other

I can make no sense of this
I try and try yet fail to see
the purpose of this misery
so many choose to make
into the light of intellect

They call it reason, rational
and yet its smell belies the truth
as instinct rises once again
to tell a tale that will amend
the foolishness of all that's deemed
to be of good or bad

This system built of desperation
that deems sensation irresponsible
and somehow lesser than
those egos that can only swell
with urges toward a greater power
and control

But always will that system
find the moment it implodes
when all that once seemed rational
becomes no more than fear
of some invisible
yet overpowering emotion

And ocean swells become
the crashing waves
of all that might have been
if only once we had allowed
our heart to take the lead
and bring us to its core of truth
where love abides and glowing stars
in satin skies reside

Yet time and time again
the sense of all of this
is laid aside
for the sake of what
is easier to do

And so I move
from here to there to everywhere
seeking just one other that will stand
hand in hand with me
loving true into eternity . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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