Just Out of Bounds

We are but links
in the chain of creation
searching for freedom
Is the search in vain?

Or is it possible to soar beyond
the shackles of time and space?
beyond the pain of the world-weary
bonds of materialism

Could it be that you or I
are the missing link
the hundredth monkey
the one among many
the growing point?

I have seen this world
as it was meant to be
It was real
It was right
It was whole

An ideal of possibility
I saw it
I touched it
I felt it
Where has it gone now?

Trimmed with lilac neon lights
the night glowed
with the soft essence
of spring flowers

It was a day in November
not so very long ago
and people cared about each other
The rich shared unstintingly
with those of lesser means

Compassion reigned
with sympathy thrown in to ease
even the greatest pain
Empathy became a bond
and truth of feeling was the tone
of each communication

A harmony of caring
within and without
touching high and low with tenderness
gentleness composed of strength
adding dimension to life
beyond mere depth and height and width
and all were rewarded
for the real worth of their efforts

Was it just a dream
or bittersweet imagining?
The world was so alive
with an energy beyond the vanity
of modern times
tingling electrically
through every particle of being

The sharing was so beautiful, so deep
A sense of community reigned
beyond, beneath the familiarity
of family, state or kindred deeds
A community of souls
working toward a higher goal
of sympathy that leads to harmony
and world peace was more
than merely possibility

I felt the power
of a higher order intervene
if only for a moment
Will they ever come to stay?
reaching down with glowing hands
uplifting their creation

where each and everyone of us
had the right to choose
pure quality
beyond the right or wrong
the good or bad
the just or unjust
My god, the Berlin wall
was even toppled then!

Less than a year
and war returned
the Middle east this time
eternal, internal conflict
rising to the fore
where an other is made to pay
for the darkness we emit

I experienced
what most never dare to dream
Was it a gift?
Where has it gone?
To what purpose
these visions of mine?

remaining possibilities
forever out of reach
in love that's left
just out of bounds . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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