Just the Feel

Meditating, diving deep
discovering heights of light
yet life itself is lived and known
at levels in between the height and depth
while all that is known to exist
is revealed by sensation

A tone that rings alone
cannot become a harmony
until it meets another movement
energetic and alive
and joins it in a symmetry expressed

That scent that drifts upon the breeze
awakens memories
of time when feelings flowed
free and unobstructed through our being
uncontained and unrestricted

when even pain was but a fleeting
and a momentary thing
felt, expressed, and acted on
allowing it to move right through
and freeing us to move right out
and start to play again

when the mind was great imagination
that totally involved sensation
and fantasy became reality
focused on a wish, desire
creating myths
that stirred the fires of heart

before a fortress
built of the force of mind
was made to intervene
between the images created
and a life incarcerated
in what we're taught is real

Yet what can be more real
than just the feel
of life itself?


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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