Hidden Kingdom

Hidden Kingdom in the vale
the dragon and the eagle sail
in sky so blue it takes the breath away
as in the distance, magic trees will sway

while at the top of snow-capped mountain peaks
true love expands the rhythm as the beat
the heartbeat of earth surrounds us all
and loving true, we fly away to fall

deep into a still, protected valley
where peace of total silence reigns
A forest kingdom built upon
a magic land where all may come

to teach, to hear, to feel, to see
the mystic love of life so free
that time suspends itself in awe
they come, they go, they say they saw

but have they truly seen at all?
the sunbeams o'er the mountains tall
the mist of energy suspending
grace of form in never-ending

deepest green of pine enduring
endlessly, a kitten purring
tirelessly in sunshine's heat
for all of life as days repeat

To live the base reality
to grow within fidelity
to act, creation now begun
to love the all as one

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 1998 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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