The Last Transition

The angel of death beckons
garbed in glow of light and mist...

Transition made easy, minus the fear
with guiding light so strong and clear
and promise of pure love endears
as wisdom’s guiding form draws near

So easy to let go of pain endured
through days and nights as fear recurred
and anger blossoms, now reborn
transcending merely mortal form

and we drift right out of sight
sweet thrill of spirit taking flight
to discover what we always knew
that love became the light that grew

and guides in gentle motion, starts
each lesson learned; each loss imparts
another surge of pure emotion
felt in thrall of life’s devotion

as clear and free, the tears will flow
like mountain stream of melting snow
releasing moisture once retained
like clouds releasing cleansing rain

Come now, oh angel, waiting there
and guide me through the sunlit air
teach me all I need to know
and show me how my soul can glow

in perfected form of stillness in motion
as if under the spell of a magic potion
and, unmoving, burning bright
when all the darkness becomes light...

? Michaelette ?

Copywrite© 1998  Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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