To Leave the Past Behind

I wonder, will it ever be the same
these feelings that rush through me, never tamed
that tell me I can have it all
I came, I loved, and now I fall

My God, how can I leave this all behind
Insanity - the loss of peace of mind
is swirling now in chaos through my soul
as once again the loneliness of old

invades my spirit that flew high
above the clouds, beyond the sky
and touched the core of all that ever was
to soar beyond the mundane, reasoned cause

of what mere mind would call reality
and ruin with its practicality
the life of magic's great potential
the power of love essential…

To say goodbye to all that I love most
to stay, to leave, the past is but a ghost
of feelings I must leave behind
if ever again I wish to find

the truth beneath the energy
leading to the living synergy
of body, mind and soul complete
as at the crossroads now I meet

myself in guise
of spirit wise
and wonder now how much of me
is there because of thee

Copyright 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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