Let It Be

Let it be, just let it be
this longing to at last break free
from the push and pull of society
that demands collective unity

at the cost of all thatís best in me
Will higher power ever see
the need in all humanity
or continue to just let us be?

Let it be, just let it be
but this hopelessness wonít set me free
I need a meaning underlying
while all around me spiritís dying
so many souls call out to me
and all I can say is, let it be

I wait and wait for satisfaction
from whence comes this benign reaction
that says thereís nothing you can change
The pain will not be rearranged

Yet move I must, the world says
so I move in hopeless ways
knowing movement brings me pain
and so continues my refrain

Let it be, just let it be
ignore the great disharmony
that eats away my peace of mind
this sickness of a modern kind

that drains the soul and numbs the senses
at more than only my expense
A voice cries out from deep within
from the source that makes the world spin

It cries for patience, slowed revolving
allowing time for growth, evolving
It cries for wounds, emotional
and sacred time, devotional

I will no longer let it be
Iíll stretch to reach infinity
where soul resides in quiet strength
strolls through paths of untimeís length

and when I reach this place of peace
where strains of tension finally cease
absorbed in sweetest harmony
then, at last, Iíll let it be

? Michaelette ?

Copywrite© 1998 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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