Levels of Existence

Levels deep and high and wide
including even star-streaked skies
of night unfolding into dawns of glory

Endless now, the story
of existence
seeking shape and form
in each tomorrow that is born

here within the touch, the feel
of what we deem as real

And cells respond
to take us far beyond
the realm of mind
that we might find

the end of life that's lived in solitude
here within expression of the moods
that permeate the atmosphere we breathe
as we find expression that relieves

the stress of fear's illusion
to come to the conclusion
that we are one within
 the cosmic spin

as life unfolds, unraveling borders
an opening out and taking in
found and felt and finally known
within the swirling spin
of love


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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