The day the leviathan died
a tidal wave began to build
to carry its body to a shore
of distance and of mystery
that he might have
his tides of history retold

the imprints left
in ocean's depth
where once he lay in wait
for his true moment of ascension
into airy spaces
that he never knew alive

where sunlight shone
in fiery mists
and skies endured all being
imbuing oceans
with the hues and magic
of cerulean blue

where it reached
to touch the depth
of even this leviathan
whose heart began
to beat in sync
with all that lie within

as the earth in her eternal spin
affects so many galaxies in motion
yet always holds within herself
this love of deep devotion

that even cradles
monsters of the depths
within her spells
of all that seems to be
so dark and so mysterious

and at last we find
right through these depths
that all we never knew in intuition
stems from just a dream
that has come true . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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