Life in Time

The mist upon the pond will speak
of valley and of peak
of mysteries between the high and low
while sunlight on the mists aglow

in gentleness will ease
the worries that will seize
the mortal mind
yet if we become the mist we find

all pain will fade away
as the mist in sunlight plays
upon the wind, then finds another way
and all that is and all that's been

becomes mere moisture in the winds of time
as that one enduring tear
allowed the light of day
evaporates in mystic interplay

natural and elemental, morning of rebirth
found in the elemental magic of the earth
when we seek, we sight, we finally find
that utter peace of mind

contained in mists that float upon a pond
and as if a fairy waved her magic wand
at last we come to know
the beauty of the glow

of life in time . . .


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All rights reserved
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