Mapmakers and magicians
Farmers of the earth, technicians
Mystics of the ancient wisdom
Poets writing words of transformation
Lightbearers of the soul

All those of us who see
what is above and down below
listen closely now
with every power at your disposal
for spirit calls us all to unity

Free yourself from every other
man-made expectation
Loose your wings
for it is time to fly
into the skies of mystery
where stars are born
and shine upon us all

to live the story of creation
in a blink of fascination
and a burst of flames that burn
eternally within the rays
that travel paths forever
opening out into the dawn

that pause sometimes
to light the way
that another soul
might see and be
the glory that awaits
no more than our arrival

while hand in hand
and heart to heart
we all must play our part
as this crystal energy expands
intensifying everything
while etching dreams
upon the canvas of our souls
knowing, showing, how to turn
these dreams into reality

Mapmaker and magician
put down your many tools
It's time to leave
the others far behind
to follow as they can and will
and join with all the others
of our scope and kind

Reach with all your might
and in your reaching
know of flight
that only can be found
within this crystal energy
that fuels this incredible
adventure of all life


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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