Lightning Peaks

Thunder speaks
in waves we can't ignore
as lightning peaks
in incandescent hues
of anonymity

Would that
we might hear and see
its natural bent
light come alive in swift descent
of starlight and moon's gleam
a glowing light that streams
in gentleness

soft and warm
a sweet caress upon our skin
summer soft yet flowing
with the energy of spring
arising from the core of everything

tunnel vision opening out
spirit free to sing
through channels
running swift and clear
from and through the whole
enclosing while encompassing
the many things as one

Eternity is drawing near
yet still so far away

Shall we leave
or shall we stay enclosed
within a pose of base sobriety
accepted by society less soul
or might we dance in symmetry
with nature and the elemental
magic of it all

as heat arises from the core
at times in lightning flashing
and thunder's roar
yet, too, at times will stream
in love that gently fills the heart and soul
with the glow of rose and gold
and the wisdom
that each shade of blue can bring


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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