Light of Day

There must be more in this need arising
than distant shores I cannot reach
but what?
For truly do I learn and teach

all that I know of love
Then why, these endless moments of
complete and utter loneliness
that cause my soul to stretch

beyond the reach of what is known
to touch the stars, to know the moon
To open beyond reason's sway
to reach and find a way

Can a mortal ever reach the plain
beyond the gods that cause such pain?
Can I, while living here on earth
ever truly know the worth

created by a source unknown?
Can I find my way back home?
beyond this time and place
that obliterate the grace

of all that is
Can I hope to find the bliss?
that is barely hinted at
by those unbound by fact

to become the one creation that inspires
the heat of every inner fire
to live through all eternity
by becoming all the love I see

in the realm of soul's eternity
For truly, do I wish to be
beyond the point of no return
as a cool and cleansing fire burns

the pain away
and leads me to
the light of day


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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