the lights went out
electricity stopped flowing
and the people around me
finally opened their doors
and expressed
some of the fear they felt

I heard, in the darkness
one neighbor
ease another's fear

and I wondered
what "progress" really means…

I walked through the rooms of my condo
"feeling" my way along
to avoid colliding
with an "other" object,
other entity

and I try to imagine

the total trust
immense courage
a blind person must feel
to walk in the world alone…

perhaps we need listen
to the voices in the darkness
perhaps they will share
their courage
their strength…

I look in the mirror
in the darkness
and see only darkness looking back
but as I really let the darkness
take my vision

realization dawns…

in innocence
another offers you a hand
take it
but only in innocence

when in trust
another shares a secret
accept it
but only in trust

when you find yourself in the dark
light a candle
focus on the light
it soothes
it glows
it dances

but be careful not to burn yourself

I read somewhere
that there is a place
within the flame itself
where nothing burns…

I imagine
it's a very safe place
to be…

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 1998 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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