Weaver of the light
that brightly shines
within the skies
come sing your lullaby
softly now
upon a warm and flowing
springtime breeze
that brings the scent of lilacs
through the windows of our dreams
and enters in
delicate and intimate
even with the very air we breathe
to just go on

Guiding power
of this ever forming tapestry
reveal yourself again
yet gently, please
or you will overpower all
that we have sought to be
within one moment
of a heated passion's rush

Oh, gentle weaver of the light
power the loom of our creation
that we may feed the fabric
not too soon, yet not too late
as we center and anticipate
your newest artistry

and learn to be, just be
in and of experience
as every thread
becomes a living hue
a pastel colors
come alive within the dew
that receives and then reciprocates
your every sweet and soft embrace


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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