Links and Relationships

Within these links of cyberspace
that we are in the process of creating
each and every link of every chain
that seems to be
and thus effects
the greater whole

while bound within
the bonds of time and limitation
of the division that
mere mortal mind creates
we each must reach a point
of setting ourselves free

and we become
within this reaching out
a pure acceptance of it all
as a soul that comes now to perceive
and know in its entirety
the source of its composure

but we must seek yet further still
than even this
within these feelings felt as passion
of the mind and heart and flesh
these desires that lead
and then expand
within and yet beyond the realm
of simply multiple's division

and so we sink then
simply sink into the deeps
without a thought
or movement made
and we begin then
just to touch
the very center of it all

somewhere lying very still
above the heights
beneath the depths
at the source of all conception
born only of creative unity
of hearts that intermesh
with all that is

Love, eternal verity
true even in the realms
imagined as of intuition
and allowed within this flesh
that we compose
in blessing, oh
our very soul expands

and somehow, all at once
in this one moment of eternity
right here, right now
within this particle
that moves through all eternity
we create the very waves
of lost control
within completion
of surrender to it all

seeking, ever seeking
for the movement of this evolution
that comes through each solution
in an equanimity of life
while time and time again
within the core and source of all that is
we find a pure simplicity
now known as the complexity
of love grown into form

yet still
how can we grasp complexity?
without experience
within a known reality
of love in form . . .


Copyright© 2000 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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