If only he would listen to his heart
so that the brand new start
that he desires so
could come to be

to leave behind what hurts
yet stay connected to the worth
of love
in every tender moment of

his spirit reaching to eternity
where beyond mere mortal eyes we see
the soul of earth and wind and sea
and sky resound in harmony

for life is so much more than conflict found
within the masquerades that spin us round
in an orbit of the real, the core
when in truth, the path that leads to evermore

lies at that point within
the spiral and the spin
leading to the opening out
past the intellect that doubts

to find within the heart that love
can lead to the true moment of
relief, release - the letting go
of all that intellect would know

as real

yet here within the feel
of truth, of cell, of zest, of zeal
lies life
in an awe beyond the strife

found at each moment of rebirth
and the mother of us all, the earth
will chime in awesome harmony
because we dared believe

in who we are
while there, that distant star
speaks in intimate and timeless tones
of singularity beyond the realms

of separation
and one moment of pure inspiration
past an endless life's demands

and leads us just to this
an eternal moment of pure bliss
when at last we come
to every moment just begun

in truth in honesty, in love
that speaks of endless moments of
the final realization
that beyond mere time's duration

lies the source
the power, the force
of all that is
and we would find this bliss

if only he would listen
to his heart . . .


Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All Rights Reserved
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