The Little Lost Faery

She sits alone in the forest
in her secret hiding place
arms wrapped round her knees
gossamer wings folded in and still
and the silence of the night surrounds her

She’d been warned
that to venture in the realm of man
was a treacherous undertaking.
Yet this man had seemed so different
He loved her.
She’d felt that then
but no more could she feel
the warmth of love’s glow around her.

She shivered
(was it from the chill of the night air?)
and wrapped her arms tighter yet
around her knees
seeking to comfort herself
for there was no one to console her

They would only laugh
or sagely nod their heads
those that called themselves friends and family
because she had opened up her heart again
daring to become visible and then

when in innocence she’d tried to heal
the wounds this man had suffered
one by one, his wounds became hers
until she no longer had the strength
to heal them in herself

Yet still, there was more
and he would not stop
even when he began to drain her life force
even when she told him she could bear no more
and still, he called this love

Perhaps they were right after all
Perhaps no man will ever learn
what love is all about

So she took what comfort she could
from the tree that stood
so tall and strong behind her
and remembered that somewhere
the stars still twinkled in the heavens
while in response
a gentle mist of rain began to fall
to hide her tears

? Michaelette ?

Copyright© 1999 Michaelette L. Romano
All rights reserved
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